Setting Up the Structure of a New Business

If you're just getting started with a new business, it may be time to lawyer up. Brown & Zohar Law is a business attorney that can help you determine the best legal structure for your new business.


You may not  need an attorney to set up a limited liability company or a corporation, but you will need an attorney if your company is going to be owned by more than one individual to ensure that each owner’s rights and responsibilities are spelled out in the event things start to go sour between the owners.  At Brown & Zohar Law, we’ve seen it all.  The good, bad, and the ugly.  Establishing clear relationships, responsibilities, and expectations from the beginning are crucial and come with a huge savings should a dispute arise.  


If you're not sure what the best move is for your company, a business attorney can help you lay out the pros and cons of the different types of entities to register.


Additionally, getting a lawyer on your team can help you figure out things like applying for all the right licenses, filing for an  Employer Identification Number and so much more.