Business Transactions


Throughout the life of your business, you may want to make significant business changes. Whether it be buying out a competitor, restructuring your own business, hiring more employees, moving office location, offering compensation packages, or raising equity, Brown & Zohar Law is here to help you with strategizing the appropriate business structure, devising a plan of action, and protecting your business's interests and assets.

Purchases & Sales of Businesses


When purchasing a business, it is crucial to do the proper due diligence by thoroughly  investigating the business you are seeking to purchase to minimize your risk and mitigate  future problems. It is essential to  work with an experienced business law attorney, to review the contracts and relationships of the company you are seeking to purchase and connect you with other professionals for appraisals, tax advice and other industries specific to your business endeavor.


Brown & Zohar Law has extensive experience assisting clients throughout Florida with the purchase and sale of businesses. We perform the due diligence necessary to find out if a business has any tax or debt issues that would jeopardize your financial security, as well as answer any concerns you may have regarding purchase or sale your of business.  


Mitigating Damages


Again, if you are faced with a lawsuit, your attorney is ideally there to help.

Say a former employee sues for damages caused by a workplace accident or a client is alleging your employee stole while on the jobsite, a lawyer can help mitigate damages and work with you to negotiate a beneficial resolution.