Issues with Foreign Beneficiaries and U.S. Estate Plans

Recently, I served as a legal advisor to a woman, let's call her Carmen for ease of reference, who lives in Israel but has property and family in Florida and Israel. She is a U.S. citizen, and after spending a few decades living in Florida, she has decided to move back to Israel to live out the rest of her "youth." Carmen has two daughters, who interestingly enough, each married brothers from another family. One of Carmen's daughter's, Taylor, lives in Israel, while the other daughter, Diane, lives in Tampa, Florida. After explaining the difference between creating a Last Will and Testament versus creating a Living Trust, Carmen decided to create a Trust for her daughters, Diane and Taylor

What Happens to Your Digital Assets at Death?

We live in a world where all of our information, documentation, social life, and mail is digital. So the question is, what happens to all of these digital assets when you pass away? What will happen to the tweets or Facebook posts that you were so keen about posting? Almost all of our digital accounts and devices are protected by passwords or codes which sometimes make it impossible for others to access all of your important documents or information. This issue is relatively new in the legal field, but there are steps to take which will make it easier to access the digital accounts of a loved one. 1. Find Passwords The easiest way to access a deceased’s account is to find passwords and usern

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